We are regarded as one of the best casino affiliate sites in the UK. We have reached this level while all the while complying with all rules and regulations laid down by two important organisations: the UK Gambling Commission and the ASA.

There are four main sets of guidelines/laws we constantly ensure we comply with, and these are:

When we are promoting all promotional offers, we always comply strictly with the above sets of guidelines. We make sure we comply because we constantly observe the following policies.

Terms & Conditions

You will often find that we are advertising certain promotions throughout this site. When we promote these, we do everything possible to make sure all details are completely accurate. We will also never deliberately omit important facts when describing a promotional offer. Some important facts we’ll never omit include:

  • Maximum and minimum deposit amounts
  • Wagering (sometimes called rollover) requirements
  • Winnings caps
  • Restricted games
  • Eligibility restrictions

Whenever you see a bonus or promotion here on this site, you can be assured that there will be details of the terms and conditions. Terms and conditions differ between different bonuses offered at this site, so please check the terms and conditions of each bonus separately.


At BestRatedSlotSites.co.uk, we do not collect any emails from our readers. We also do not send out emails advertising any casinos or promotional offers. If we do decide to start collecting or sending emails in the future, we will update this section of this page in order to tell you exactly how we comply with all rules and regulations.

Advertising Banners

You will notice that there are several advertising banners on this site, all of which are engaged with promoting a specific online gambling website. We do not create or alter these advertising banners - instead, they come directly from the online gambling site being promoted. By using these banners directly from the gambling site, we attempt to assure that all details contained within the banner are completely honest and accurate.

Of course, we will double check every advertising banner before publishing it on this site. If we believe there’s a mistake or omission, we will not publish the banner until we have spoken to the gambling site in question about the issue.

Social Media

Push notifications are not used by BestRatedSlotSites.co.uk. This means that there is no need to be concerned about compliance in this area. Should push notifications be used in the future, we will update this section of our compliance page.

Push Notifications

We do not have any social media accounts at any sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What’s more, we do not advertise on social media. This means there can be no concern with compliance when it comes to social media advertising.

We do not rule out advertising on social media in the future. You can be sure that we’ll update this page accordingly if we do start advertising on any form of social media.

Other Types of Promotion

BestRatedSlotSites.co.uk does not engage in a number of other types of promotion, including:

  • Pop unders
  • SMS messaging
  • Media buying
  • Adverts bought from ad exchanges
  • Challenge style pages

We also do not produce any type of video promotional material, including videos posted to major sites such as YouTube. This means that there’s no need to worry about compliance when it comes to video production and advertising.

Responsible Gambling

We believe that it is our duty to provide information to anyone going through an addiction to gambling. This is why we encourage all readers of this site to play responsibly and stop if they believe they have a gambling problem. We also encourage everyone concerned about their gambling habits to contact one of the well-respected UK gambling addiction charities, such as Gamblers Anonymous and GamCare. You can also take a look through our page dedicated to problem gambling, which has loads of advice on the subject.

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