Picture the scene, you’ve just found out what a one armed bandit is from the wonderfully strange tales of your grandparents youth and now, you’re super excited to try the new version of them online! You’re nervous, your palms are sweaty as you Google search a few top online casinos that cater to UK players. You eagerly await Google to come back with your search query. You’re already imagining spinning those virtual reels within the next few minutes, watching the winning total displayed on the machine sky rocket and dreaming of what you’ll spend all that wonderful moolah on.

Google gets back to you in just a few seconds (even though it felt a lot longer) and Houston….we have a problem!

There are pages and pages of online casinos all claiming to be the best slots sites on the web, all screaming at you that their video slots are the best ever and they’ll even give you some free cash to play them!

What is this? You weren’t expecting to be bombarded with so many online slots and casino options! It’s like going to Ibiza on a bank holiday, it’s all just a bit too much and now, instead of feeling excited, you feel overwhelmed and anxious. How are you ever going to be able to make the right choice?!

But, hang on a minute. You suddenly spot a promising site that could be your way out of the crazy swirling vortex created by your Google search for great online slots.

Our site isn’t a casino site, it’s something much better than that, it’s a comprehensive resource for people just like you, eager to play the best slots online and at the safest online casinos in the UK. Our site is named –“BestRatedSlotSites.co.uk”, which tells you right away that you will definitely find the perfect UK-friendly online casino that has all the best slots and other casino games that you were dreaming of playing in the first place.

Suddenly you feel a weight lift from your shoulders and all that panic fades when you realise that your life has instantly become a lot easier. Now, instead of not knowing where to start with your online slots adventures, you can simply check in with your new best online slots guide, especially designed for the needs of UK players.

Everything is right there at your fingertips, all the best online casinos in one site, you don’t even have to Google anything. You can now browse through loads of top online casinos at your leisure, and the best part about that, is that each option comes with its own full length in-depth review. The reviews are super easy to read and you can find out everything you need to know about any of the casinos listed in just a few minutes, what an amazing time saver!

What’s also really handy about the way that BestRatedSlotSites.co.uk puts reviews together, is that you can instantly see which new slot site offers the best bonus for your needs. Get all the info you need about bonus offers and what to look for, including free spins, how to read terms and conditions, what wagering requirements are, and other useful bits and pieces.

Find out about all the new online slot games that have just dropped and create your own list of the most popular slots in the UK. If you’re a complete newbie to the world of online slots and other casino games, you’ll find plenty of great reading material. Learn what an RTP is and how different bonus features work, plus tons of other great resource material. BestRatedSlotSites.co.uk is your best bet to finding the top online casinos and games for the UK market, whether you already have a few slots under your belt or you’re just starting out for the first time.

BestRatedSlotSites.co.uk – Our Mission Statement

Welcome to BestRatedSlotSites.co.uk, your ultimate resource for finding the best new slot sites in the UK. We hope that you enjoyed reading the above scenario we’ve shared with you. While it aims to amuse, it is also quite accurate as to what problems and obstacles eager UK gamers face every day. Finding the best and safest online casinos to play at that are approved and licensed through the UK Gambling Commission isn’t all that easy. In addition, not everyone has the necessary time it takes to dedicate to finding the best new slots sites.

Our team of dedicated online casino and slots experts know first-hand just how bad it can get with unscrupulous, fly by night online casino operators. We’ve all been there, finding sites that look so promising, offering fantastic bonuses and great games, only to find out that you missed the fine print and can never get your money back again.

This is why we decided to get together and create the ultimate online resource for UK online slots fans. Each member of our team is an expert in a specific area of the online casino, from banking and payout percentages, to bonus offers, customer services, and security. We examine each area with a fine toothcomb and conduct real world tests in each of these key areas.

We are dedicated to providing you with fair and independent, high quality reviews, along with value-driven guides and resources, giving you a thorough understanding of every aspect of an online casino and online casino games.

You will also find in-depth reviews on the latest slots so you always have great games to play, each and every time that you check in with us. At BestRatedSlotSites.co.uk we want you to have the best possible online slots and casino experience possible, every time you head out to play in cyberspace.

Our no-nonsense reviews are designed to save you time and hassle, connecting you to the best possible new slots sites in minutes. All of our recommended sites are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and our links are tested secure, so there is never any chance of an unsafe or dodgy experience. So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in to BestRatedSlotSites.co.uk and find the best online casino games of your life!

Charles Baxendale

A keen researcher in the development of methods and theories for computer sciences. A lover of algorithms and mathematical computation. Consultant to online slots software companies and a player in my spare time.