Why Do Casinos Get Rid of Slot Machines?

| Oct 3, 2019

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Have you ever returned to a casino, only to find that your favourite online slot machine has been removed, and that a new slot instead stands in its place? This actually happens quite often, with casinos getting rid of the old, and welcoming in the new.

Why do they bother to get rid of slot machines though? Well, there are a few possible answers, and we’ll let you know about them in the article below!

They Break Down

The main reason why slots are removed from casinos is simple: they break down. This break down could be for many different reasons, however the most important – from the casino’s point of view, at least – is when they start paying out incorrectly. Imagine a slot that pays out even when it shouldn’t. Well, it sometimes happens, and this can cost the casino huge sums of money. It could also be the fact that a machine has been damaged – some machines take the brunt of the user’s anger when they don’t manage to win any money!

They Pay Out Too Much

You could also find that a slot is simply paying out too much. This isn’t due to mechanical faults though – instead, they could be programmed wrong, or they could simply be a “lucky” machine. Casinos really don’t like “lucky” machines, as they cost them money – so they ship them out and replace them with a new machine, hoping that it won’t be so generous!

They’re Old

Like everything, slot machines get old. It’s very rare for a casino to leave a slot machine in place for too long, as they don’t want the games to get stale and boring. So, they move out the old machines, and then replace them with newer, flashier models. Of course, there are some slot machines that manage to achieve huge popularity though, and these are usually spared the axe.

They’re Not Profitable

There are some slot machines that simply don’t capture the public’s imagination, failing to attract people and therefore failing to earn the casino money. As casinos completely revolve around money, this won’t be allowed to happen for too long. So, the underperforming machine is, at best, moved to a back corner of the casino, or at worst, removed from the floor altogether.

Online Casinos Never Get Rid of Slots!

While land-based casinos regularly axe slot machines and replace them with others, this doesn’t happen often at online casinos. This is because an online casino essentially has unlimited floor space, allowing them to offer thousands of different online slot machines. So, even if you love a slot that everyone else hates, you should still find it offered a year from now.

The only time that an online slot machine might disappear is when it causes some controversy – such as the Maori themed slot once released by Endorphina. If a slot is making the site look bad, they’ll certainly give it the boot before the site gets a bad reputation. Even if a slot does get removed though, the developer will often rerelease it later, just with a different skin.

The fact that slots are barely ever removed from an online casino is the reason they can sometimes have thousands of games. All the casinos we recommend have loads of slots to play, so why not check them out today?


Charles Baxendale

A keen researcher in the development of methods and theories for computer sciences. A lover of algorithms and mathematical computation. Consultant to online slots software companies and a player in my spare time.

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