What Does A Loose Slot Machine Mean?

| Oct 8, 2018

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Finding a loose slot machine is every gambler’s dream come true. Loose slots give better returns to punters and tend to have more winnings than the other slots. There are two reasons why casinos have loose slots. One, if a casino claims to have a 97% RTP, some slots must give that high return so that so that when the average is computed, it doesn’t look like the casino is deceiving punters. Secondly, winning slots tend to attract more players to try their hand at big wins. This excitement is great for the casinos because they make more money if more people play.

 So, What Exactly Is a Loose Slot?

The definition of a loose slot varies from one punter to another. For example, a player who plays in a casino with a payback percentage of 94% and goes and plays in another with a return of 96% will say the slots in this new casino are loose. If a player who is used to 97% payback plays at a new casino or slot giving him 96%, he will find those slots tight. A slot is considered loose if it gives the gambler better returns.

For instance, if you play on a slot and use 50 pounds and only make 20 pounds in an hour, that slot isn’t loose at all, you are better off finding another. If a slot game makes you more cash than you initially invested, then that’s a loose one.

How to Find Loose Slots

Speculation on how to get a loose slot or where they may be located has been going on for a long time. Most players think casinos place loose machines near the entrances and aisles. Casinos want winners noticed because winners draw crowds. These people will try to win by playing in the surrounding slots which are tight.

Loose machines are located between tight slots. Chances of finding two loose games together are very slim. Because some seasoned gamblers like to play two or three games at the same time, there is no way a casino will operate two slots that are money-makers next to each other.

Many gamblers believe that casinos place tight slots near table games. That is because players at the table don’t want interruptions from buzzers and bells coming from winning machines. Plus, casinos know that winners at the tables tend to drop some coins in the slots, so why give them more chances to clean the house?

How to Win on The Loose Slots

Loose slots are not only found in land casinos; online casinos such as bcasino have them as well. Look out for casinos with high payouts; you are likely to make a good amount of cash when you play on these slots. Here are a few tips to help you win big on those slots with better returns.

Play with the maximum number of coins: Many slots require you to bet with the maximum amount to qualify for the jackpot. When you place a bet, pay close attention to the paytable; you will find out how much you are likely to win with a max bet. This strategy is best for progressive slots but also works on all slots.

Play multiple machines at once: Gambling pros will play more than two slots at the same time. This is a great way to discover which slots have better returns because casinos put loose machines next to tight ones.

Manage Your Bankroll: The best strategy is to watch your bankroll carefully. With proper management, your coins can get you good returns in the long run. The trick is to know when to stop. If you are not lucky today, try your luck tomorrow. You might not win the jackpot, but as with gambling, you win some and lose some, and that’s it’s enjoyable to keep playing.

It’s important to know that a computer system chooses which slots are going to be loose. So, a slot that may be loose today can be a tight one next time you play it.

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What Does A Loose Slot Machine Mean?
Finding a loose slot machine is every gambler’s dream come true. Loose slots give better returns to punters and tend to have more winnings than the other slots.
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