What Can You Bet on Slot Machines?

| Oct 28, 2019

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One of the most important things to think about when playing online slot machines is the size of the bet you make. Bet too little and you won’t be giving yourself the chance to win as much money as possible, but bet too much and you could find your casino account depleted in just a few short minutes.

So, what can you bet when you play online slots, and how do you decide on your bet amount? You’ll find out the answers to those questions, as well as a few others, when you take a look through the article below…

What Can You Bet on Slot Machines?

Minimum and Maximum Bets

Pretty much every online slot machine will allow you to alter the amount of money you bet per spin. The minimum that can be bet is usually around 1p per payline, while the maximum bet can be worth hundreds of pounds in total.

Working out how much you’re going to bet can be confusing to some, who think that the bet per payline is actually the overall bet. In fact, the bet per payline is simply the amount you’re staking on one particular payline. So, if you were betting 10p per payline and had 20 paylines active, your overall bet would be £2. Any win would then be multiplied by your payline bet – not your overall bet.

The only time this isn’t the case is when playing a slot with many different ways to win. When this is the case, you only alter the overall bet – there is no payline bet. Wins are then multiplied by the total bet. It’s important to check which of the two types of slots the slot machine you’re playing is, so you know exactly what’s happening when you’re playing.

It’s also sometimes the case that bonus bets can be made. These add an extra amount onto the overall bet, and often unlock new or boosted features. In turn, these features can increase the RTP, giving you a better chance of winning. Of course, by betting more money though, you are also putting your bankroll at greater risk too.

Overall, it’s possible to bet just a penny when playing slots online, however it’s also possible to bet £500+ at some online slot machines. How much you bet depends on how much money you have, and how much you’re prepared to risk.

Deciding How Much to Bet

So, how do you decide how much money to bet? Well, we would suggest it’s done by using simple bankroll management. You should take your entire bankroll – let’s say it’s £200 – and then assign 5% of that to your gambling session. Therefore, you have £10 to play with. You can then break this £10 down into the number of spins you want. If you just want 10 spins, bet £1 per spin, but if you want 100 spins, bet 10p per spin.

The important thing about bankroll management is to stop once you have lost that initial 5%. This will ensure you aren’t risking too much in one gambling session, and that you can come back another day and play, without having to deposit anything.

Changing Your Bet Size

Pretty much all slots will allow you to change your bet per payline easily. Just click the relevant buttons and your bet per payline will go up and down. You can adjust this on every spin, or you can leave it set for a number of spins.

You can also alter your bet size by changing the number of paylines – something that is possible on some, but not all, slot machines. The more paylines active, the bigger the bet will be, as your bet per payline is multiplied by the number of paylines active to work out your overall bet.

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