Do Cell Phones Affect Slot Machines?

| Oct 31, 2019

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One thing that many slots players often wonder is if there’s any way of cheating the system – of fooling or subtly modifying a slot machine to ensure that it pays out way more that it should. One device that many thinks holds the key is their cell phone, and it’s true that this device has been used to cheat the system before. It’s not used to affect the system though – instead, a cell phone is simply used to film the action and send it back to a large database of spin details.

But is it still possible to take your mobile into a casino and use it to win bountiful amounts of money, or have the casinos gotten wise to this problem and shut it down? You’ll find out when you read through this page…

Do Cell Phones Affect Slot Machines?

How It Used to Be Done

It used to be the case that a mobile phone could be used to win money, however it required a number of people, one who sits at home with their computer, and the rest of whom head out into casinos and all play exactly the same machine.

As these fraudsters were playing machines, they would record the action, which would then be analysed and added to a database. After some time, it was possible to build up large sections of the random number generator being used.

Once they had enough information, a player could then go into a casino and play for a few spins, sending footage of them playing back to someone with the data. They could then pinpoint exactly where they were in the RNG sequence. The person with the data would then watch the live footage and tell the player exactly when to hit the spin button to trigger the jackpot. Scammers were subtle though – just a small vibration on their phone could be the sign to get the reels spinning.

As you might imagine, if a whole group of people got together and pulled off this scam, the returns could be absolutely massive. Unfortunately for the scammers though, it’s not quite as easy to defraud slot machines nowadays though…

Casinos Get Wise and Technology Improves

There are two reasons why this mobile phone scam rarely works nowadays, and the first is simple: the casinos got wise to what was going on. The fix was a particularly simple one, as many online casinos simply banned people from using their mobile phone while playing a slot. Some security teams – which can be huge in the largest casinos – still enforce this rule nowadays and failing to comply can result in the player being thrown out of the venue, even if they were simply using their phone completely innocuously.

It was also the case that the technology used to operate slot machines improved. No longer were the random number generators easy to track, but they were instead changed to much more complex algorithms, that didn’t always follow the same repeating pattern of results. Nowadays, some casinos have slots that are so advanced that they’ll be fine with you filming while playing.

Cheating Online Slots

What about when you’re playing slots online? Well, those looking to find a way to trick casinos will be disappointed, as it is not possible to cheat the system. Online slots are so complex, and often have such a large number of symbols on the reels, that it is impossible to work out the pattern. Also, contrary to what some people think, there’s no special combination or code that will magically cause the slot to start paying out lots of money.


So, overall, the main thing to know is this: it’s now pretty much impossible to cheat using a mobile phone while playing slots. So, you should instead just concentrate on having fun, and if you win anything, treat it as a nice bonus!

Charles Baxendale

A keen researcher in the development of methods and theories for computer sciences. A lover of algorithms and mathematical computation. Consultant to online slots software companies and a player in my spare time.

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