26 Nov How Much Does a Slot Machine Cost?

For most people, the question of how much a slot machine costs never crosses their minds, as they simply want the chance to play the best titles at their chosen casino. There are some who like the idea of having a real slot machine in their home though, so they can play whenever they want … »

3 Nov Can Casinos Control Slot Machines?

For many uninitiated in the finer points of online casinos, there’s a common misconception that casinos directly control how slot machines play, ensuring that they always come out on top. Those who have done even a little bit of research will know that this is not true though, and that the slots at all licenced … »

31 Oct Do Cell Phones Affect Slot Machines?

One thing that many slots players often wonder is if there’s any way of cheating the system – of fooling or subtly modifying a slot machine to ensure that it pays out way more that it should. One device that many thinks holds the key is their cell phone, and it’s true that this device … »

28 Oct What Can You Bet on Slot Machines?

One of the most important things to think about when playing online slot machines is the size of the bet you make. Bet too little and you won’t be giving yourself the chance to win as much money as possible, but bet too much and you could find your casino account depleted in just a … »

21 Oct How are slots programmed?

In a previous world, slot machines were mechanical, operating using a series of levers based on pressure points, weights and measures. However, very few of these still exist today and if they do, it is often in keeping with their environment and usually for novelty purposes at venues looking to inspire nostalgia. Every slot now … »

21 Oct Are dollar slots better than penny slots?

A question that perhaps depends on the player and what their preferences are; choosing between a dollar slot and a penny slot may just be governed by your personal circumstances at the time. Most casinos usually offer a combination of the two, with highly popular gambling destinations like Las Vegas particularly offering both types in … »

21 Oct What casino has the best payouts?

While this can also be subjective, based on personal or anecdotal experience of big and consistent wins, there are casinos which do have a good track record of paying out well across the board and on a regular basis. Online casinos are particularly impressive with their payout rates and there are a number which certainly … »

21 Oct How do you know if a slot machine is loose?

The theory behind this is easy, though understanding whether a slot machine is loose or not requires a considerable amount of your time, which unless you spend time (whether working or otherwise) at a venue where you can monitor it all day, could be difficult. If you have ever heard about slot machines being “loose” … »

16 Oct Can Casinos tighten Slot machines?

You may be wondering if this actually means what you think it means and if so how the process actually occurs. Tightening slot machines is actually considered ‘the norm’ in gambling resorts like Las Vegas which attracts in excess of 40 million visitors every year. However, this is not done as routinely as one might … »

11 Oct Can You Buy a Real Slot Machine?

For slot machine fans, there’s often one thing on their shopping list: a real slot machine for their own home. If this is something you’ve always dreamed of owning, there’s good news, as real slot machines can easily be bought – providing you have the money to buy one! So, where exactly can you purchase … »

Charles Baxendale (BSc, MSc Mathematics and Computer Science)

Charles Baxendale

(BSc, MSc Mathematics and Computer Science)

A keen researcher in the development of methods and theories for computer sciences. A lover of algorithms and mathematical computation. Consultant to online slots software companies and a player in my spare time.